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Cybermummy 2011: Oh what a day…

27 Jun

The big, hugely anticipated day came and now it’s over and I’m still trying to piece together my thoughts on just how fantastic it was. Here’s just a few snippets of the highlights for me:

1. I got to meet the #Mumentum ladies and other gorgeous bloggers: After many emails, tweets, blog posts, comments I finally got to meet the fabulous ladies I speak to so regularly on the internet.  This. EXCEEDED. MY. EXPECTATIONS. I’ve always felt a bit out of place around other mums I meet at music class and swimming lessons. I can’t quite put my finger on the reason for this, and nor do I care to dig to understand, but all the ladies I met at Cybermummy were on my wavelength. I wonder if there’s a certain type of mum who takes to the blog as a way to muddle through? Anyway, big, enormous bear hugs to everyone I met because you were all awesome.

2. Inspirational Women: Sarah Brown, Erica Douglas, Sian To, Kate Cannard what can I say? You’re juggling it all and doing so well. Being a mum and trying to keep on top of things is HARD and you guys have certainly given me an inspirational boost. However, it’s not only you guys. It’s the other bloggers I got chatting to that made me feel slightly less conscious of my failings as a mum, a self-employed person, a partner, a person who does housework and the guilt of that enormous washing pile began to lift. I came across some great advice –  ‘we can’t hold onto the things that we feel we’re failing at, we just have to go with the successes’. The modern mother has a bloody tough job on their hands and I give a big, virtual high-five to every single mother out there.

3. Why do I blog? This question was posed several times and each time, my thoughts were reinforced. For me, my blog is a catalogue of disasters, successes, fears, insecurities and happy times during my attempt to be successful as a mother, partner, family member, house dweller, friend, hobby triathlete, career person. It acts as an outlet and a way to chat with others in my position, keeping me from the straight jacket. That is all.

4. A good excuse to let my hair down: Where’s the child? Oh, he’s at home with daddy, which means Mummy can sit still and concentrate on a conversation, really taste that coffee and breath without fearing that said child will run around the room creating utter devastation. It was a break from the snot and the dirty nappies (though there was an attempted poo throwing before I left the house) and I could wear a nice dress in the comfort that it would not end up with food thrown down it or my breasts exposed to the world with Toby grabbing at the straps.

5. Toilet talk: I was able to go to the loo alone and in peace. This is the thing I miss most from my single years. I also gleaned a bit of advice on potty training, which has been bugging me for some time. The outcome: It’s not time to start just yet.

So, there’s some immediate thoughts (not quite so immediate, but the day was too beautiful yesterday to lift the laptop lid). Fingers crossed I’ll get to see you Cybermummiers again soon. x


Blogcamp – how to build a great mummy blog

14 May

Last Thursday I went to Blogcamp. Oh lordy, I sound like a true geek, but actually it was incredibly fun, informative and there were some rather lovely cupcakes (must find out where they came from!).  The best thing about Blogcamp was that I got to meet some fabulous blogging mummies (New Mum Online, Working London Mummy, Actually Mummy, Red Ted Art, Lunchbox World, My Mumdom, Ravelled Threads (who’s not a mummy, but a brill blogger), An Imperfect Life and The Scrummy Mummy).

The first presentation of the day was utterly hilarious. Bangs and a Bun, whose blog I highly recommend, provided some genius snippets of advice. The first being that when you’re writing your blog, you have to know what you’re purpose is – your identity – and inject some of ‘you’. As a PR professional, this is pretty standard advice, but applying it to my own work is not so easy. I feel I found my voice very early on in my blog, but its purpose changed as I came to realise what that voice was. I started my blog to discuss both work and mummy issues, and working mummy issues. I quickly realised that PR and mummy stuff didn’t really fit together and have since started another blog (along with my own business) to discuss the PR side of my life.

My main goal from this blogging exercise was to engage with other mummies. As a working mother, I fast found myself losing touch with the NCT ladies I had spent my early parenting days discussing sleepless nights, smelly nappies and breastfeeding issues with. There was simply no time to meet with them and entering the blogosphere gave me not only an outlet for my thoughts on the highs and lows of motherhood, but conversation and reassurance from other mothers out there. And that’s why I loved Blogcamp so much. I got to meet other mummies going through the same weaning, teething, sleeping problems and I met other people with a passion for words and blogging. We all want to feel understood and in this group, I felt I was.

The next presentation was from Domestic Sluttery about building your community. All very useful stuff and another great blog I was introduced to. We also had a presentation on Internet safety from TalkTalk. Following my recent post on my nephew’s jaunt around the net, this was very interesting. Toby is not quite at the age of having to worry, but he sure as hell knows how to work an iPad. Before he’s out of nappies, I’ll need to form a game plan to keep him safe.

We then moved onto the more technical side of blogging. The most interesting thing from the design man, Daffyd, was that we read websites in an F pattern. Again, it’s something I do every day, but without realising. This behaviour should dictate how your blog/website is formatted. We read along the top first, then down the left side, then back across the right (or something).

The final talk of the day, was brilliant. @LeeSmallwood managed to take the fairly techie topic of online search and turn it into something meaningful. We discussed meta description, titles, trends, H1 headers, images and tags – all of which can help your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I now have a blogging to-do list as long as my arm.

Thanks Sally Whittle, over at Who’s the Mummy for organising such a fab event. It was mucho enjoyed.