We saw Wiggins, Cav and Thomas

11 Jul

On day two of our holiday we packed up the van and bumbled over to the Team Time Trial stage of the Tour de France. France is great for its little villages and as we drove to our destination, we went through rustic village after pretty village. One Frenchman we met watches the Tour de France only to view the villages they pass though, and with such beauty, I don’t blame him.

We found a car park next to the Tour de France route, made a cup of coffee (one of the best things about being in a campervan is the ability to stop in the middle of nowhere for a coffee) and headed down to our front row seats for the Tour.

We turned up with a little bit of time to spare, so I took the opportunity to leave the boys, don my trainers and hit some of the country roads (not the ones the tour took). Running around rural France gives you a different perspective on the country – dirt tracks, open agricultural land, but it also makes me feel slightly nervous about getting lost. I usually just run in a straight line out, and then follow the same straight line back.

I got back to Tom and Toby (a sweaty and horrible state) just in time to see the first team pass. Our first contact with the Tour de France 2011; how very exciting.

Toby, as usual, needed lots of distracting while waiting for the lycra clad cyclists and their entourage. But as each team approached, along with the numerous motorbikes and support cars, Toby’s excitement levels peaked. He got an absolute kick out of the buzz and the colours the Tour brings and his waves were often returned by the lovely folks in the passing support cars, making our day extra special.

Viva le Tour


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