On tour with Toby

9 Jul

Last Saturday Tom, Toby and I set sail for our holiday in Don the campervan. We plan to follow a bit of the Tour de France and get some colour in our cheeks by sampling the local plonk and living life outdoors for ten days.

We’re four nights in and it’s been a riot so far. The French truly know how to make a good campsite, often having hedges between pitches, fabulous swimming lakes, great restaurants/bars and really clean facilities.  I love camping in France, and so does Toby. Being outdoors all days gives you an extreme sense of satisfaction and nothing comes close to letting Toby run wild.

However, now Toby is walking (or perhaps a more appropropriate verb is running) everywhere, holidaying has become slightly less relaxing. Last year, when Toby was a wee baby, we spent a lot of time in the campervan. At the time, I thought campervanning with a baby was difficult. As the moths have passed (could they have gone any quicker), our cute, adorable, peaceful baby has turned into a hyperactive, feral toddler.

One thing is for sure, I don’t need to worry too much about going for a run, or cycle or swimming up and down a pool. Toby is all the exercise I need (and more). The child just can’t sit still… not even for a second. You only have to turn your back for three seconds and he’s shot off the the other side of the field, found the most disgusting spot, with mud round his chops as he samples some of the local soil (why does he feel the need to eat dirt at every opportunity?).

We’ve had comments from other parents on the campsite about his inability to just walk. He has to run EVERYWHERE, and he hasn’t quite got control of his little stubby legs yet. At points, he builds up so much speed he has to fall to stop himself! His day starts at 6am and continues until about 8.30pm each night. I need a trip to the hairdressers – the grey hairs, like Toby, are getting out of control.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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