Happiness is a campervan, a country show and some bunting

9 May

This weekend Tom, Toby and I decided to take our first trip in Don (our 1981 VW Camper). We haven’t been in him since September 2010 and I had forgotten how much I love him. His smell, his noises, his swivelling seats, being able to make a brew in a layby… he is the perfect summer accessory.

On Saturday morning, I got on my bike a cycled out to Ockley, Surrey, where Don, Toby and Tom were patiently waiting (my cycle took longer than expected – never mind). Getting into Don and hitting the open road for the first time this year was exhilarating. I rather miss our nomadic summer of 2010, when he became our home for four months. I think even Toby became nostalgic. When we first went away in Don – May 2010 – Toby was four months. I am certain from the relaxed look on his face, he remembers the smells and the sounds and he definitely had a much better night than usual.

So off we went to Blacklands Farm near Henfield to set up camp. Blacklands Farm is a pretty basic campsite – a field, clean toilets and showers and a big play area for children – but then what more do you need? Toby absolutely loved it. He had a massive field to run around, locating easily movable dirt and insects where possible. It was much better than being at home in the garden; the big open space allowed Toby to stray a little further, giving us a bit of time to relax while keeping a steady eye on him. All of us were happy and this is how I imagined parenthood. We were a mile from the local pub – fully stocked with local ale – and the route took us past fishing lakes and through big open fields and down a pretty country road. We hadn’t quite planned for the rain, but when everything else is so perfect why let that get you down.

On Sunday, Tom donned his chef’s hat and cooked us a brekkie that would make Jamie Oliver weep. With Toby still in his own world of field fun, we packed up the van and drove to ‘The Cowpie Country Show’ to heckle some jousters, sample some of the local produce and play with pigs, ponys and more. I would definitely recommend the show. It was the quintessence of British-ness and my parting purchase was a beautiful bunting by Cidermill Bunting to decorate Don on the (fingers crossed) many more adventures we have with him this summer.


2 Responses to “Happiness is a campervan, a country show and some bunting”

  1. Liska May 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Thanks for your comment on Mum Tum.
    I would love a Jogger buggy.
    You have “cow” in your header. Do you know Cow PR???
    Liska x

    • Claire May 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

      Hello Liska,

      i’d love to join in the Mum Tum if that’s okay. Trying to get myself back into fitness. I do know Cow PR, but only because I work in the PR Industry. The book in the header is Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

      Hope to see you at BlogCamp tomorrow. x

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