I like to ride my tricycle; I like to ride my trike

5 May

IM Trike takes gold

Toby’s first Christmas present was a tricycle, an IM Trike to be exact. Aimed at newbies to the cycling world, it provides pedal free speed for the adventurous 12 month+. A pedal-less model, the trike is giving Toby the chance to master the art of balance before taking to two wheels, lycra and cleated pedals (watch out Armstrong).

Its wooden frame and rubber wheels give it a simple, clean (until food or dirt is thrown on it) design and the wide wheels allow Toby to remain upright at least 95 per cent of the time. When he does fall, the bike generally stays standing, allowing Toby to hold on and tumble slowly. This gives a quick footed adult time to rush to his rescue. Its handling isn’t something Jeremy Clarkson would write home about, but I’m not sure this is an issue for a small person.

Not only is it a dream for Toby to use, but it is rather aesthetically pleasing. The bright colours (blue, go-fast red and yellow) add to the fun of this trike. When Toby opened it on Christmas day (or rather pulled the bow off it; we are lazy, couldn’t be bothered to wrap it and figured he’d not remember anyway), he was a little bit too young and small for it, but as soon as he turned 1 the adjustable seat allowed him to get his stubby legs over the bar and gave him a real chance to get in the saddle. He’s hardly been off it since. Come rain or shine – indoors or out – this trike provides hours of activity, allowing me to drink my tea in peace… and for under £30… 10/10 I’d say.


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