A year of firsts

26 Jan

Toby took his first steps a week ago… it was more a stumble, but I am in no doubt his crawling days are numbered and my life is about to become even more fraught running around after him. His firsts steps made me think back to all the amazing firsts we’ve encountered in the last year. 

– His first breath: Looking like I’d gone several rounds with Tyson and feeling a little weary, I can’t quite remember this, but thankfully it did happen.

– His first smile: No it wasn’t wind. It was a definite smile – just for me.

– The first time he held his own head: He was pretty much doing this from birth. I’m not sure how he managed to get so strong, but his sturdiness made labour harder!

– His first laugh: It had me in stitches and he responded with more laughter. It was like we’d shared the best joke ever.

– The first time he held something: A rattle – and then he hit himself over the head. He got better very fast after that.

– The first time he turned from his back to front: That was a shock – I turned my back for a second and he’d changed positions…. Not possible, surely.

– His first complete turn, front-back-front: This was how he would spend the next few months getting around. Genius, if it didn’t take so long!

– His first tooth: Dribble everywhere! Enough said.

– Swiftly following – his first solid meal: I’m not sure baby rice can really be counted as a solid!?! Yuck.

– His first commando style crawl: He spent a month playing GI Joe, pulling himself along with his arms. I’m sure his upper body is much stronger for it.

– His first proper crawl: He’s so speedy now I have to run to keep up.

 There are so many more firsts. It’s been a busy year and he’s grown and changed so much. His little personality is really starting to glow through and I can’t wait to see all the firsts that are on their way. He’s the most fascinating thing ever.


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