Childish things

26 Nov

I’ve just come across a ‘writing workshop’ on another mummy blog and while I find myself with five minutes peace, I thought I’d give it crack. The aim of the game (I hope I’ve got it right) is to write about one of the topics set by the writing workshop. I’ve chosen childish things. So here goes…

Childish things

If you’re lucky enough, you are born into a world of childish things. A world where the imagination can run as wild as it likes; where you can take on the role of pirate, princess, knight and elf all in the same hour. You’re not considered mad, but applauded for your creativity.

The pureness of the child allows them to believe anything really is possible, and not just a Nike ad. Father Christmas drops down your chimney covered in coal to put your presents under the tree and is flown around the world in 8 hours by a herd of reindeer – his red outfit is not the shade of coca cola and he goes to every good child on the planet.

A snowy day means snowmen and snow fairies and not a nightmare commute. The sparkly Tooth Fairy creeps under your pillow and replaces a lost tooth with £1, which makes you feel like a millionaire. The Easter Bunny  hops around fields of buttercups leaving chocolate eggs as he goes.

It doesn’t matter that jelly, ice cream and popcorn offer very limited nutritional value and a ton of calories. A tractor in front of your car is exciting, not frustrating. A trip in an aeroplane is simply amazing, even though once onboard you constantly wonder if you’re there yet.

I wish I was a child again, but more, I wish that all children could be born into a world of childish things.

What do you miss from your childhood?


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