Do ugly babies exist?

15 Nov

A recent blog post on Who’s the Mummy got my brain ticking…is there such a thing as an ugly baby? My conclusion – no.

I was never one to be turned to goo by rug rats, but nine months into motherhood and I find all babies send me into a cooing mess. I’ve hung out with many, many mini people since my son was born and I have not yet come across a baby that has made my inner voice say ‘oh dear’.

By societal standards some babies are born with perfect sized noses, the right face shape, big eyes and long eyelashes. These are the ones we see on the front of Pampers or in the Next catalogue. Then there are babies that are interesting looking – interesting, not ugly. They might have oversized ears, hair in the wrong place, a funny shaped nose and bug eyes, but its these babies, with their ‘imperfections’ that make me want to bottle their cuteness and save it for a rainy, bleak day.

All babies have the ability to brighten a room with their scrummy smiles and this is what makes each and every one beautiful.


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