The Social Media Queen

8 Nov

The Queen has stepped up her social media strategy by joining Facebook. She’s already uses Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, and good on her for embracing all this technology.

To date, she has 197,441 people liking her and I am sure her popularity will only increase from this move. It’s just a shame that some have used it to post abusive comments. I don’t consider myself pro the Royals, but this is bringing her closer to the public and from a communications perspective is very savvy indeed.

Not only is this foray into the world of Social Media bringing her closer to the public, but it should go some way to the Queen taking back control of her public relations. You just need to look at Lance Armstrong’s use of social media to realise its benefits. Armstrong often came across as arrogant when journalists were his only voice and (despite his charity efforts) his popularity was nowhere near its present day levels. Through his tireless tweeting, use of video, Flickr and Facebook – even during the toughest competition known to man – he has won the hearts and minds of the public.  Who knows, perhaps the Queen will follow suit and be loved by all.

One thing is clear, the 84-year old’s entrance to Facebook is strong evidence that social media as a form of engaging with audiences is here to stay.


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